Coaching for a new way of leadership

Rise productivity and avoid burnout with spiritual leadership

As a manager you are currently faced with several challenges – work and also team-dynamics have been updated over the past years. Home-office appeared during Covid-19 pandemic situation, and we saw the great resignation as many reevaluated their work-life balance. And currently a new phenomenon is just happening: quiet quitting. People stay at their jobs but are disengaged and unproductive. This can be really harmful to you as a performing leader, as it can damage productivity and morale, as well as lead to a decline in customer satisfaction.


As the latest data of worldwide known GALLUP institute shows, the group of not engaged(quiet quitting) employees holds the majority within studies concerning employee engagement. More analysis and surveys reveal that people feel dissatisfied with the current structure of work and are longing for occupation that gives them purpose, fulfillment, and opportunities to grow. All of these are aspects of spirituality. That’s why we need spiritual leaders more than ever. And why you as a manager are faced with huge opportunities for increasing productivity and achieving professional success – personally as a performer and for the whole team you are leading – if discovering spiritual leadership for you.

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“Spirituality: the art of keeping your internal fire alive.”

– Maxime Lagacé

As your coach for spiritual leadership, I can help you how to build up connection – to yourself and to your team-members. The positive effects of spiritual leadership on the execution of work, on teamwork, on customer discussions and thereby ultimately on sales and profits are huge. A domino effect arises in which the pressure eases also for you as a leader and more time and energy is left for your own quality of life.

During our coaching sessions you’ll understand how to uncover and satisfy hidden needs. Stress will disappear, and sustainable success is guaranteed. Team-members start thinking in possibilities what’s also part of spirituality. It leads to new ideas, inspiration and creativity, and solutions. Lightness fosters new ideas, and problems can be solved better. Being part of the whole, perceived and valued by the other person, mental resources arise. And mentally healthy people are immune to illness and burnout. A benefit for you AND your staff.

Spiritual Leadership = Purpose + Connection = Mental Health = Profit + Success

Whatever spirituality means to each individual, its heart is always connection. And in the current challenging times, many people are in fact experiencing a loss of connection. They lose contact with themselves, do not perceive their own feelings, find no space, or cannot adequately resolve their personal matters. They suffer from stress and bring it with them to the workplace. But stress puts a strain on the entire organism and makes it impossible to think clearly and act prudently. As a spiritual leader you can help employees managing the challenges around, give them orientation and security and unfold their potential.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.”

– Marcus Aurelius

Your fulfilling task as a spiritual leader is now to sharpen awareness – of your own needs and those of the team members – and to compensate for grievances accordingly. If there’s the right balance, employees are centered and join work with energy and joy. Moreover, you achieve sustainable success within the mental health management that receives more and more awareness and importance.

Leadership is therefore always self-leadership. If you can lead yourself, then there is a good chance that you will also lead others well. At the same time, you manage to stay mentally healthy and strengthen your resilience. Because being aware of yourself and how you overcome challenges and stress helps you find a healthy way to deal with yourself, those around you and your environment. Burnout is not a danger to you.

As a superior: If you can’t manage yourself, you can’t lead anyone else either. Self-leadership is a prerequisite for successful leadership work, but unfortunately it is far from being found everywhere.

I will help you with it! Together we will explore the question of which leader do you want to be. We leverage your existing resources and add additional skills. We walk the path to spiritual leadership together – with joy, clarity and ease.

Spiritual leadership – good to know:

A manager who acts according to spiritual leadership treats team members consciously, carefully and respectfully. He is perceived as fair and reduces sickness absence by 75 percent, according to the current absence report from a large German health insurance company. The study clearly shows that managers who are perceived as unfair drive employees to exhaustion and make them sick. On average, German employees have 15 sick days per year, and the trend is rising.

Almost a quarter of employees who feel treated unfairly by their superiors report feelings of irritability such as anger and annoyance (23.3 percent), a good one in five complain of listlessness (21.2 percent), exhaustion (19.7 percent) or sleep disorders (18.1 percent). Also complaints such as back and joint pain (25.8 percent) or headaches (10.2 percent) are more common, the report says.

Spiritual leadership provides a way better connection within the team. As the analysis of the survey shows very clearly: The perceived fairness of the company and the manager leads to a high level of employee loyalty to the company. They felt like they were in good hands with the company, had a strong connection to it and would also recommend their company as an employer.

Spiritual leadership – good to know:

🔸 Misconception: Spiritual leadership is detached from financial success.

🔹 Fact: Spiritual leadership infuses purpose, compassion, and mindfulness into business practices, enhancing employee well-being, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the bottom line.

🔸 Misconception: Spiritual leadership is abstract and impractical.

🔹 Fact: Spiritual leadership is grounded in practical principles such as empathy, self-awareness, deep listening and ethical decision-making. It fosters a workplace culture of authenticity and resilience.

🔸 Misconception: Profit is the sole measure of success.

🔹 Fact: Success in the spiritual leadership paradigm extends beyond profit; it encompasses holistic well-being, ecological stewardship, and societal harmony.